CSR 005 Late In The Day
Late In The Day

This 6 track single was released in January 2008 as "Donationware." It can also be found via the usual digital music retailers.

Details about downloading it can be found at the relevant Cyloblog post HERE.

Here is some attempted dancing-about-architecture concerning this release:

1 - Late In The Day (4:02)

A melancholy acidic tune, acoustically quite dry for added intimacy.

2 - Get A Taste (Weakly Non-Linear Mutual Attraction Mix) (3:05)

Harsh beats and a dissonant chaos synth preceed some lush computerised singing and finally rapping / screaming over a gabba-esque finale.

3 - Grasshopper Lies Heavy (3:01)

Moody chords and bubbling acid along with breakbeats and ominous computer singing.

4 - Swampy (Lengthened) (3:56)

More harsh asthetics, attempting to get exactly half-way inbetween melody and dissonance.

5 - Face Something (2:35)

Bleak lyrics tell the truth about the void, while the relentless disco sounds of 4am monged and confused land go round and round in a soul-sinking yet surprisingly catchy cacophony.

6 - Temple Clap (5:21)

This tune is made up of tiny pieces of field recordings made on various trips away, including the drum from a Shinto temple in Tokyo; various train noises and announcements from Japan; birds in West London; and a cable car, some running water and a spinning metal catch on a pole from Switzerland. These sounds are layered with the results of a session banging various gongs and other percussive instruments in a kitchen, and a composite clap sound resulting from clapping under the arches of several bridges in West London. A gendy string is the icing on the cake.


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