CSR 001 Rock The Trojan Fader
Rock The Trojan Fader
CSR002 Trojan Fader Style
Trojan Fader Style

Download a preview of "Rock The Trojan Fader" HERE.

Download a preview of "Trojan Fader Style" HERE.

[Retrospectively edited text from the original press release follows]

The song "Rock The Trojan Fader" is a 3-and-a-half minute contraction of the album "Trojan Fader Style." It contains the kind of computer generated singing for which Cylob has previously gained a reputation. It was first aired on BBC Radio 1's Mary Anne Hobbs' experimental show.

"Cassini (Dub)" is taken from the album "Formant Potaton." The original mix has vocals singing about the Cassini-Huygens mission to Saturn and Titan.

The soothing lullaby "Goodnight" is an out-take from "Bounds Green", a series of recordings from 1994-1995 that were recently rediscovered after a dig through the Cylobian DAT vaults. The album can be previewed at myspace.com/boundsgreen.

Partly based on the live set performed at Bangface last december that left heads confused but feet moving (video evidence of which can be found on youtube), the album "Trojan Fader Style" is a continuous mix made up of about 35 tracks glued together in a relentless hour-long barrage of mutant beats and melodies. Two thirds of the way through, the music runs aground in a prolapse of chaotic oscillations only to regenerate and trawl through weirder versions of the preceeding tracks.


CSR 001 M: Cylob - Rock The Trojan Fader (release date: 16 July 2007)
Track Listing: Rock The Trojan Fader, Cassini (Dub), Goodnight.

CSR 002 M: Cylob - Trojan Fader Style (release date: 16 July 2007)
Track Listing: Trojan Fader Style

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